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Site Launch - 10/15/10

Founder & CEO - Jeffrey Wang

Chief Operations & Data Officer - Patricia Wang


Location - Los Angeles (LA), California                                                                         

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Welcome to iCubeMart, the store that is creating a custom shopping experience just for you. We have many specialties and unique features that are unlike any other cube store. The simple stuff is that we have great customer service. Always trying to keep the customer happy while following policies at the same time, customer service will make sure you can feel comfortable and easy to express yourself. We stay nice and will not rest on your case until you are satisfied with the outcome. We are also well-known due to our unmatchable shipping speed. We process, pack, and ship out your order in an extremely short time period. The more intricate and complicated points that make us different is the fact that we are the Official Authorized Dealer in the US for all of the well-known cubing companies. We have strong and close relationships with all of the companies you see in the section below. This allows us to learn of new cubes' productions and progress so we can release all of the inside scoop of what's going on with the manufacturer to you. We will keep you updated. Another strong point that many of our loyal customers love is that we keep almost every product in stock at all times. If an item is out of stock, we probably already have it in, we just didn't update the product yet.

  Our online store carries a large and wide variety of puzzles and speedcubes alike. If you are a collector and search for novelty puzzles or unusual-shaped puzzles, we got them. If you are a dedicated speedcuber and want a fast and high performing speedcube, we got them. Our prices are set by the Companies themselves so all the prices you see, it's the manufacturer suggested retail price and base price for the cubing market. Since we have many different cubes, you might be confused as of which one to get for yourself. That's why if you are unsure of which cube to order, we strongly encourage you to ask our customer service for help. We will help you find the perfect cube for you. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert cube enthusiast, we are positive that you will find the right cube. You can also seek help from fellow cubers in the Forum section. A chat function is also enabled once you are a member. Membership is free and will open up alot of features you can use right away.

  We always try to keep our customers on their toes with constant contests, discounts, and special events. Our prizes are different than others, thanks to our friends in the Companies. They always host and provide their latest proto-types and cubes for the events. We always try to create a custom, personalized, and unique experience for you. At iCubeMart, you can get the cube you want the way you want it, caring customer service, a large number of puzzles, unmatchable shipping, involved with the companies, and have an experience that is all about you. That is why the "i" in iCubeMart spawned. It is so when you think of iCubeMart, you immediately think: Where It's About Me.             

icubemart@gmail.com (Main)

This is the email used to process and pack your orders. It is also used to send any notifications. If you have any questions about your order, please send them here.


When to email here: If you have any questions or concerns. Also, if you have any issues with your product, order, or anything like the such. This is the email if you want to contact me.

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