8th Year Anniversary - 2018

Posted March 14, 2019 by Patricia Wang

Happy 8th Year Anniversary for iCubeMart!

When I first founded iCubeMart, I dreamt of creating a shop that would be more than just a store for speedcubers; I wanted iCubeMart to help build the community. I never would have imagined that eight years down the line, it would continue to be a trustworthy place for cubers to find their favorite products. iCubeMart will always continue to pride ourselves on delivering your package to your doorstep as quick as possible, because we understand the excitement of beginning a new puzzle or fixing your old one.

Thank you to all the support from our loyal customers and newcomers alike. iCubeMart is proud to be the authorized U.S. dealer for 18+ cubing brands. We hope our selection of products and customer service continues to add to your satisfying experience in the speedcubing experience.


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