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This puzzle is one of the biggest puzzles that you can find. Though it is more on the expensive side..
Ex Tax: $59.49
This puzzle turns very nice and is very smooth. Because of the piece design, this puzzle is capable ..
Ex Tax: $7.90
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Ex Tax: $14.75
This skewb's turning is very nice and is easily controllable. Because of a special mechanism, when y..
Ex Tax: $9.25
Want to do an gift to somme one speical?! The QJ 2-Heart Super Floppy is perfect for that! Cute but ..
Ex Tax: $4.99
This puzzle is very different because it is a 2-layer square-1 rather than a regular 3-layer square-..
Ex Tax: $5.99
The ShengShou Mirror Block is a revolutionary mirror block in a sense that it is much higher quality..
Ex Tax: $7.49
This Skewb has an incredibly smooth rotation and is made with high quality plastic...
Ex Tax: $8.25
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