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Great Experience
The team at iCubeMart helped me get everything I needed to get cubing set up in my classroom. They even included free swag I could use as prizes to get the kids excited. I love using cubes and puzzles to teach concepts like algorithmic thinking, combinations, and permutations. Learning to solve a Rubik's Cube always makes the students feel like they've conquered something impossible and the boost to their self-confidence lasts all year. Whenever I can I come back to iCubeMart.
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Rob Z Portland, OR 13:10:04 04-26-2020
Happy customer
So I’ve known about iCubeMart for years and each time I’ve bought something from them, they never cease to amaze me. It is unfortunate that this store gets little recognition compared to other online shops but I have not and will not lose hope for this store. They’re extremely fast to ship out your bought items, they will reach out to you and contact you to notify you if something is wrong or recommend you a better benefit to help you save time and money. As a customer, I feel SO valued and appreciated. No other online puzzle store does that. I can without a doubt recommend cubers from all over to check this store out. I’m sure changes will occur with this company to help them get back on their feet. Thank you for everything iCubeMart!!!
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Francisco ochoa-garcia San Gabriel 22:55:53 03-19-2019
My son loves every type, shape & style of cube puzzles. I had a great experience ordering from iCube Mart.
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Kim Odessa TX 07:59:44 03-14-2019
Great Shipping !, Great Customer Service
I been buying cubes here for very long time, and never had a problem. I use to buy in somewhere else, but they constantly messing up my order. I think you guys(they) have the best customer service, in cubing website. I wanted to change one of my product of my order, and I thought it would be impossible to change it, but they had no problems with changing the order. Also the package came so fast, great shipping ! I think this is a great place to buy cubes, but I just i wished they were more cubes, but besides that its a great place to buy :)
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Jisung Chung Corpus Christi 13:59:10 02-03-2015
Great Customer Service
I had no issues with the items I ordered or the time it took them to get to me, and when I contacted them about a concern I had about not receiving rewards points I received an email back within an hour! Best customer service out of all cube sites hands down.
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Harvey Tucson 16:49:57 01-31-2015
iCubeMart a Short Review

~Here is a short review on my experiences with the cubing store icubemart. I will be dealing with three topics of crucial importance. One being Shipping; Two being Product performance and product quality; and three being customer service and email response time. First of all, I have to compliment the packaging process and the overall attention to packaging detail. On a scale from 1-10 and 10 being the highest rating; I give the packaging process an absolute ten. The items were totally shielded  from any and all shipping complications. I'd like to say that my shipment was double packed; meaning it was double protected from suffering any unwanted damage. Second is dealing with product performance. I would like to deal with just one puzzle on this short review that I purchased and that is the QJ Jing's Pyraminx. Again it came perfectly packed and the turning and click mechanism is amazing. The quality is superb and the plastic is heavy duty and elegantly durable. The sticker quality is very good and the sticker placement is curved and aligned. I am actually ordering the white version when it becomes available, to compliment the black QJ Jings Pyraminx. Third on this short review, is the icubemart customer service team. I can tell you this.. they are very knowledgeable with all your cubing inquiries; very prompt in answering emails and are very courteous to myself, a satisfied icubemart customer. In fact; while I was doing this quick review, icubemart just emailed me and said they would be ordering me the white QJ Jings Pyraminx. How cool is that? Have a Happy New Year and Happy Cubing!

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Sky Disturbed 22:26:59 01-06-2015
icubemart; a fast review.
I would like to do a fast review about icubemart's shipping, quality and customer service. First off; the packaging is amazing and secure, totally sealing and protecting your purchase 100%. The speed of delivery is quick and I can once again totally recommend their excellent packaging process and exhaustive thoughtfulness to detail. The quality of the icubemart products exceed expectation and they ensure that you have no regrets about your purchase history. The customer service department of icubemart is totally respectful and professional; with prompt email responses and knowledgeable insights on their product lines. In closing this short review; I would highly recommend icubemart, whether you are a twisty puzzle hobbyist, or a professional cubing champion. As for me, I can personally say, that they are a great cubing store.
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James New Milford 09:45:01 01-05-2015
Short review of the YJ Guanlong's
Here is a short review on the white and black YJ Guanlong puzzles. First off they are well worth the money. It surprised me to see how incredible these cubes are and for such an inexpensive price. They corner cut with no problem, no popping and no jamming. The sticker quality is pleasing to the eyes and they seem to be applied onto the faces pretty straight. The color shade schemes on the black cube are totally sweet and together with the white cube, they make a nice and complimentary pair. All in all; they are great cubes for finger tricking and going back to the old school cubing days, they are great for full hand turning. The pair in this review are high quality cubes at an affordable price; YJ Guanlong's are a nice cube for your cubing enjoyment and your cubing collection. Thanks ICubeMart!
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Sky Disturbed 23:11:53 01-04-2015
One of 8,000 Subscribers Contest
I won a youtube comment contest sponsored by this store. I received the puzzle in good condition, just as promised.
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Das Cubing 17:23:58 01-03-2015
8000k tehcubedude contest winner
I received my aochuang quickly and safely.
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Hayden Newmarket 12:57:32 12-08-2014
TehCubeDude 8,000 Subscribers Contest
I was amazed by how fast the package got to me, and I live in the UK! They responded to all my questions within 24 hours and I just cannot fault the quality of this service. Thank You iCubeMart!
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Naeem Lincoln 11:37:04 11-25-2014
Superb Service - Even for International Customers
I won the 8000 subscriber contested, hosted by TehCubeDude and sponsored by iCubeMart who provided my prize; a black Moyu Aofu 7x7. Upon winning, iCubeMart provided exception customer service from the very beginning, providing shipping details and keeping me updated regularly. I' m an international customer and my item arrived safe, within days. I couldn't of asked for more. The packaging was secure, keeping the puzzle safe and damage free. The product is amazing (as are all Moyu cubes sold here), and the service is brilliant. Thank you to everyone involved. I shall definitely be recommending you throughout my social media and to friends; I will also be returning for future purchases! A* *. A service above all others. Thank you!
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Spamurai London, England 07:08:19 11-25-2014
Amazing service!
I was the first place winner of TehCubeDude's 8,000 subscribers contest, and I chose the black Moyu Aosu as my prize. From the time I won all the way to the time I received my package, iCubeMart provided excellent customer service. Shipping was also very fast. My package had arrived literally in 2 days! I will definitely be buying from iCubeMart in the future! Thanks for sponsoring the competition iCubeMart!
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Nishant Patil Atlanta 11:05:54 11-23-2014
TehCubeDude 8000 Sub Contest.
I recieved my mini aolong from Icubemart super fast!!! They shipped it out as they said they would. Also great customer service!
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John Fremont 16:54:49 11-20-2014
Cubes recieved
Fantastic service as always! Cubes were good. I will purchase from here again and I recommend i Cube Mart to all cube enthusiasts- it's the only place I will look to from now on for the latest products and accessories.
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Steve Birmingham 01:13:16 10-10-2014
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