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Great Service
I got my cubes and thought I didnt get my free gift, but really It was hiding under my stack of envelopes. I asked them a bunch of questions and they answered immediately. Fast Shipping Grea t Service Great Cubes Cheap Prices But the shipping is a bit pricey, but the 10% discount makes up for it.
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Aaron Quicny 17:11:16 12-16-2013
Messed up an Order
I made a few mistakes in my order and one of the items i ordered was actually out of stock. Instead of shipping it as is, the owners of iCubeMart gave me a call to make sure I was receiving everything I wanted. They removed the items I had issues with and refunded me. They went through a lot of hassle instead of just shipping things as is and getting more money. If that isn't caring for your customer's happiness, then I don't know what is.
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P. Cruz 01:41:46 12-06-2013

I have ordered from iCubeMart perhaps a dozen times now and their superb customer service has never ceased to amaze me! They have always exceeded my expectations and has emphasized the value that they place on each and every customer. This is by far my favorite cubing to site to order from!

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Micah Extremely Satisfied Customer Migrated From Old Website On: 00:04:33 11-12-2013
I started ordering from iCubeMart about 2 years ago and they have never failed to amaze me! Always fast 2 day shipping as well. I recently got a GansPuzzle III which is a great cube with a newly designed core and it works surprisingly well! Also the funs cube is a great buy! Thank you iCubeMart!!
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rubiksxiny Very Happy Customer Migrated From Old Website On: 00:04:32 11-12-2013
I ordered a mini Shengshou 7x7 and was lucky enough to win a prize in their most recent giveaway. I won a new Gans lll speedcube and I received it with my order very fast and in great condition and am very happy with the puzzle and service. I have ordered from iCube Mart in the past and am extremely satisfied with their service, shipping, and selection and would recommend to any one to go here for all of their puzzle needs.
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Ryan Goff Extremely Satisfied Repeat Customer Migrated From Old Website On: 00:04:31 11-12-2013
I have used iCubeMart a lot in the past few years and they never fail to amaze me! Very fast 2 day shipping for every order and fantasist quality from all puzzles. I recently got a GansPuzzle III and It is a great cube with a very unique core! It comes unassembled but once you put it together with a tension to your liking it works very well. It is a little clicky out of the box but it's amazing what a little lubix can do. Overall great cube! (The funs cube is also a fantastic buy)
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rubiksxiny Very Happy Customer Migrated From Old Website On: 00:04:30 11-12-2013
I have purchased many cubes from iCubemart and have enjoyed each one. The cubes come fast and well packaged each time, and I have placed 10+ orders over a year! If you're worried about the shipping cost, yes it is a tad bit expensive but it's worth it. The shipping is EXTREMELY fast, 3 days across the country! I will always buy from this store, and you should too :).
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Dark173615 Long time Customer Migrated From Old Website On: 00:04:29 11-12-2013
I have been ordering puzzles from here for the past 2 years. Every time I place an order, the product is shipped soon after and arrives at my house within 2-3 days! I am very satisfied with iCubeMart, their excellent service, and their puzzles which are always in great condition.
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Trent613 Satisfied Customer of iCubeMart Migrated From Old Website On: 00:04:28 11-12-2013
Thanks, I'm very happy to have been selected in the draw. Again many thanks
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Aldo Martini Engeniere Agronomist Migrated From Old Website On: 00:04:27 11-12-2013
I have been ordering puzzles from iCubeMart for the past 2 years now. I've ordered 3x3's, 4x4's, 5x5's, 6x6's, 7x7's and countless others since I made an account here. The quality of every puzzle I've ordered was excellent, and the shipping for all of my orders have been amazing. After I have placed the order, the product or products, arrive at my house in less than a week. I am very satisfied with iCubeMart and their quality products along with the fast shipping. I would recommend iCubeMart to anyone who wants to buy a new puzzle and doesn't want to pay an outrageous price or wait a long time for shipping. Thank you, iCubeMart, for being an amazing distributor of twisty puzzles, and for having fast reliable shipping.
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Blitz160 Customer of Satisfaction Migrated From Old Website On: 00:04:26 11-12-2013
I have been into speedcubing for over a year now, and I have a decent collection of cubes. I must say,80% of those cubes came from iCubemart! I have bought from some other cube stores, but iCubemart is the best out of them all! Their extremely fast shipping (I mean, 3 days to the other side of the country? WOW!) is UNMATCHABLE. The customer service is AMAZING! If you have a problem, it is ALWAYS answered in 24 hours (unlike other cube stores where I rarely get a reply at all) in a very friendly and kind way! Lots of sales and bundles mean LOTS of savings! Even though the shipping is a bit pricey, IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY. I see no reason not to buy from iCubemart, I mean, what not to like?
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Dark173615 Long time Customer Migrated From Old Website On: 00:04:25 11-12-2013
I ordered a DaYan GuHong v2, a DaYan Zhanchi, and a SS 4x4. They arrived in excellent condition in 2 business days! Thanks so much Jeff.
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Nick Extremely Satisfied Cuber Migrated From Old Website On: 00:04:24 11-12-2013
I order from iCubeMart all the time and I am extremely satisfied every time! I met Jeffery at Worlds and he was very nice to me and even let me try out the prototype of the MF8 Legend Version II. The shipping is really fast and my high standards for shipping and prices are always met by iCubeMart! I check their site 2 -5 times a week in hope of a new cube, because they always have the newest cubes not too late after being announced. I plan on getting black and white versions of all the new cubes coming out this week simply because I love iCubeMart! BUY FROM THEM! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!
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Matthew/Tehcubedude I love this store Migrated From Old Website On: 00:04:23 11-12-2013
I ordered a three 3x3's, one 2x2, and a tiled QJ Pyraminx.All arrived in exellent condition and got an extra set of stickers, an ICubeMart Logo and wristband. 7 days shipping to southern British Columbia, Canada, not bad. ICubeMart all the way!!
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Kaelen Outstanding Migrated From Old Website On: 00:04:22 11-12-2013
So I missed the summer sale by an hour and was wondering why I couldn't put the code in. I emailed the owners of this store and almost immediately got a response back. They told me that they would give me a free gift worth $10 with free shipping so I could technically get my discount. If that isn't caring for your customers right there, then I don't know what is.
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Patrick Cruz Summer Sale Mess Up and Fix Migrated From Old Website On: 00:04:21 11-12-2013
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